March 22, 1988: Part 2

I spent most of my day on a fascinating light fixture puzzle and I am sore tempted to write about that tonight. But I’ve already scanned the rest of the March 22, 1988 slides so that’s what you’re going to get.

The startling thing about these pictures are the trees. 1988 was just before I got to Rice and I can’t fathom how the saplings in these images could have gotten so big during my time here. Clearly it isn’t simply the growing number of buildings that make the campus feel so much more enclosed these days, but also the growth of the canopy:

Bonus: That last one is now the future site of Cannady Hall.

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  1. Will Cannady says:

    Very nice posting -I like this site,

    Will Cannady

  2. When I came to Rice over 60 years ago, the campus could best be described as coastal prairie. Now the PR folks are calling it “forested.” It’s really not surprising that you have seen significant changes in your 30 or so years, Melissa.

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