“Do you think I wasn’t going to be up for this game?” 1992

I’ve started reading the voluminous Radoslav and Corinne Tsanoff correspondence in earnest recently and it has turned out to be both magnificent and exhausting, covering everything from Klan and anti-Klan parades to little Katherine’s ear infections. (I’m just thankful that both had clear handwriting.) So for a break from the 1920s this afternoon I turned to things of more recent days and my attention was caught by this joyful image, dated 1992:

It didn’t take long to discover the cause of this happy moment. From the March 13, 1992 Thresher, a description of the Owls season ending victory over the University of Texas. Note that Dana Hardy, the source of the title quote, was playing in front of his mother:

If I’m counting right this was Rice’s first 20-win season since 1954. That’s happened twice since then, first under Willis Wilson in the ’04 season, then pretty recently under Mike Rhodes in ’17.

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2 Responses to “Do you think I wasn’t going to be up for this game?” 1992

  1. William A Cooke ‘75 says:

    I remember this ‘92 game well and the excitement that playing other major Texas universities on a regular, yearly basis brought to the Rice campus. Those were surely the halcyon days of Rice basketball that we of the Rice athletics family let slip away.

  2. James Medford says:

    I was at the ’92 Texas game. The atmosphere at Autry that night was crazy fun.

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