Friday Follies: Think You’ve Seen Everything?

Not until you’ve seen Doc C square dancing! It’s undated but obviously pretty early in his time here:

We’ve recently begun the process of working through all the material he left to the Woodson and that’s how this turned up. I’ve also found an absolutely pristine copy of the 1916 Campanile (the first volume) and this unusual whiskey bottle, carefully snuggled into a protective styrofoam box:

Thanks a million, Doc.

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3 Responses to Friday Follies: Think You’ve Seen Everything?

  1. Galloway Hudson - Wiess '60 says:

    My dad had one of those of those bottles in the 50’s or 60’s because I was attending Rice. I don’t think it is still in the family’s possession.

  2. Doug Williams says:

    Well, Doc C was a big fan of garage sales. I remember when he bought an old framed Rice diploma at a sale for $50. (The alumnus had passed away and left it to relatives.) Doc saw it as a chance to establish the worth of a Rice diploma.

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