Friday Follies: Offsides?

I know nothing about rugby but I’m pretty sure something is wrong here. The ball seems to be on the ground. I don’t know, maybe they’re dancing.

Also, there’s a dog involved which can’t be usual.

Bonus: Cohen House decorated for Christmas.

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4 Responses to Friday Follies: Offsides?

  1. Bob Swanson says:

    It’s just practice. Note the variety of different jerseys and t-shirts. That’s a spare ball on the ground. Not

    • Matthew Noall says:

      I believe they are in a scrum which is a way of restarting the game when it has pause. I think they put the ball on the ground and the scrum tries to kick it towards their team.

  2. Terry Cloudman 1965” says:

    I am sure that this is a practice The scrum is used when there has been a minor infraction. The scrum half of the team that did not infringe tosses the ball into the middle of the scrum and then the ball has to be driven out of the back of the scrum by foot

  3. Bob Swanson says:

    Yes, this is a maul, not a scrum. All the heads would be locked below the shoulders if it were a scrum.

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