“Delivery Receipt,” 1975

Every once in a while I notice how strange it is that we still have stuff like this, all carefully catalogued. I think it’s delightful, although I could live without the quotation marks:

We also have a collection of Rice presidents’ holiday cards, from which I extracted this one, roughly of the same vintage as the receipt (although likely a bit more towards 1980):

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6 Responses to “Delivery Receipt,” 1975

  1. Nancy Moore Eubank says:

    There are your lights. Nancy Moore Eubank 1955

  2. “Air quotes” 😀

  3. Galloway Hudson - Wiess '60 says:

    Well, to me, the quotation marks are entirely appropriate, because these are not Christmas cards. They are Season’s Greetings cards.

  4. Robert Brazile says:

    The kerning is a bit odd for professionally done stuff.

  5. hanszenite12 says:

    They should sell past Rice presidents’ holiday cards in the bookstore for you to send out – I’d buy them.

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