Friday Follies: “I’m planning to Raise Hell but I need some help doing it,” nd

It’s the P.S. that made me laugh:

There’s no date and I don’t have an alumni directory handy but I’d guess mid-70s.

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  1. Marc Hairston says:

    I *think* our first Oktoberfest was my sophomore year (October 1976), at least I don’t remember one my freshman year. Since he is referring Oktoberfest be “as big a blast as ever” we must had already had one before this. Since he was a year ahead of me and graduated in 78, my guess is that he’s talking about the plans for the October 1977 Oktoberfest.

  2. Galloway Hudson - Wiess '60 says:

    You nailed it, Melissa. Paul is Class of 1976, according to the online directory.

  3. grungy1973 says:

    Paul was also one of the three MOB drum majors during the ‘75-‘76 year (Mike Fowler and Mike Hayden were the others).
    He’s still in Houston.

  4. Keith Cooper says:

    And, that bar hop was amazing …

  5. Steve Lukingbeal, Hanszen ‘76 says:

    Paul is still a party person. He, Ray Ledesma, and myself host the annual early 70s alumni party at The Volcano each Homecoming Week. He was instrumental in starting Octoberfest. You should do some research on the Weiss College members who started the first Night of Decadence in 1972.

    • Kermit Lancaster ‘77 says:

      A few years ago I was contacted by a Rice student who was writing a paper on the history of NOD. I asked her to send me a copy and she did a nice job.

  6. Randy Wile says:

    I just forwarded this Rice History Corner article to Paul Reinhardt. He lives in Houston and remains an active supporter of Rice.

    When I met Paul in Fall of 1979, he was in a pool floating on his back with a beer balanced on his chest.

  7. Pat Martin says:

    You do need to meet Paul, who still knows how to party. He was one of a succession of accomplished Social Chairs at SRC in the ’70s and ’80s, including Phil Rosegrant and Al Hirshberg.

  8. In the years of my decadence (1952-56 ) there were only 2 “coke” vending machines in the dorm, but none in my West Hall.

    However,1956 graced us with a local beer company selling out. The members of our disappointingly puritan apartment all drove to that location and filled their cars with cases of bottled beer. We had our own apartment October Fest for months, or weeks, or perhaps days — memories somewhat blurred.
    That 5 men apartment birthed an oil company owner, an architect, a business furniture owner, an engineer and eventual computer store owner, and me. (The beer must have helped.)

    I tried to entice another West Hall student to move with us, but he refused. Said he wanted to hang around Rice some more… that he wanted to learn how to buy a small college some day. I believe his name was Sid Burns or Burris or something like that. He must have been a ChE inasmuch as he kept blowing up his room with his minibrewery.

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