Struggle, no date

I found this undated photo in a folder called “Students–recreation” but it looks more like a forced march than anything you could really call recreation:

I have a couple of observations. First, those gym outfits! Wow. Next, where is this? I think it has to be in front of the gym, which to my recollection is the only place on campus that cars could be parked below the level they’re standing on. And finally I may be completely off base but might the master of ceremonies here be a young Jimmy Disch from the Kinesiology Department? Whoever he is, he has great legs.

Bonus: This is from a non-Rice related collection but I’m hoping someone (calling Marty Merritt!) can date the car for me. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Michael Bludworth says:

    I see “1938 Line” on the Philco ad to the right.

  2. marmer01 says:

    It is also a 1938 Texas license plate. The car is a 1936 Ford Tudor (yes, like Bobby and Phoebe) sedan in the “humpback” or “bustle back” style. It seems to not have the optional rear spare tire external mount. It’s a Tudor (two-door) sedan because of this trunk style, if it were a coupe it would have a curvier greenhouse and trunk. Wanna see a very similar car?

  3. marmer01 says:

    Also, by the time I was at Rice (beginning 1980), both men and women had light blue t-shirts and dark blue shorts with the Rice identification on them. it’s difficult to identify the car from what we can see, but I’d start with late 60’s – early 70’s Ford.

  4. Patty Gans Schaefer says:

    I remember wearing that uniform for our required PE class in the fall of 1978. It was made of an indestructible polyester material, and we were told that they would not be replaced until they were ruined. We all wanted to wear the boys’ cotton shorts and Ts!

  5. CLARK BURTON Herring says:

    None of the women appear to be wearing running shoes. Even the coach is wearing some type of track shoe I think. It could well be Jimmy Disch who was an associate at Baker. I did not recognize any of the women an I graduated in 1978. I still remember the PE class twice a week. I could not have possibly recalled what the color of our gym uniforms were. Glad someone could.

  6. Doug Williams says:

    When I took PE, the Kinesiology Dept collected data at the beginning of the semester for what I think was a fairly long term study. They measured % body fat and had us do sit ups, pull ups, etc. This looks like it could be the mile run.

  7. Matthew Noall says:

    I noticed that the coach (possible Jimmy Disch) is wearing ASICS shoes. A quick look at Wikipedia shows that Asics was founded in Japan in 1977 by a merger of two other older firms. Consistent with the observation by Ms Schaefer

  8. David Scott says:

    Some lucky individuals never seem to age. That is Andrea Martin in the front left (confirmed by Priscilla Huston). Andrea worked at ICSA in the software arena and as manager until she retired. The look of enthusiasm on her face is priceless. Freshman PE was a welcome break for all of us.

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