Friday Follies: Just a Guy and his Ball, no date

But can he be left alone to enjoy it? What do you think?

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7 Responses to Friday Follies: Just a Guy and his Ball, no date

  1. grungy1973 says:

    Earth Day shenanigans.
    Can’t find it in any Threshers from ’73 to ’81 (so far)

  2. That is an Earth Ball, a common activity for Earth Day back then. The photo was probably taken on April 22nd of some year. The first Earth Day was 1970.

  3. The back of the T-shirt on the guy on the right side appears to say “1974”.

  4. Pat Martin says:

    His name is Steve; he was at Sid Rich between 1976-80. (Sorry we lost our Campaniles on some move and can’t be more specific.)

  5. Stephen Baker says:

    And while I was at Hanszen, 73-78, so the picture would be sometime during 76-78.

  6. Marc Hairston says:

    It’s Steve Bosse (SRC 79). I would guess it’s his junior year so that would be spring 78.

  7. CLARK BURTON Herring Baker 1978 says:

    This was Telednor weekend (Rondelet spelled backward) which was in November 1977. I found a mention of it in the Baker cabinet meeting notes and there was mentioned of an Earth ball. I then went to the 178 Campanile and found these pictures on Page 15. Not sure how long Telednor lasted. It was supposed to be a campus wide celebration like Rondolet was but different from homecoming.

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