“I sure hope that the Woodson has a way to flatten these,” 2020

I love the days when I come in and there’s a package waiting for me, especially when I’m not expecting anything. Today it was a long skinny box, very intriguing. Inside were some papers that were so aggressively rolled up that I struggled to see what I had. Luckily there was also a note (sometimes there isn’t!):

I’m very grateful to Dan McCormack ’82 for sending these posters and I’d like to assure him that we do have a high-tech archival solution for flattening rolled up documents–big, flat, heavy pieces of glass:


Bonus: It’s art and it looks great.


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6 Responses to “I sure hope that the Woodson has a way to flatten these,” 2020

  1. As I entered my Junior year at Rice, I moved off-campus, because off-campus housing was cheaper than on-campus. I was running out of money. Getting a student loan never occurred to me, as Rice was tuition-free. As an architecture student, I knew about Chartpak letters. I started making posters for various campus organization, but they weren’t in color. I made the posters on tracing paper — combining hand-drawn stuff with Chartpak lettering. Then I took them to A-1 Blueprint and had brown-line prints made. I didn’t make much money, but, hey, it bought bread, peanut butter, jelly, and a very occasional steak. I don’t remember if I made any Players posters. I was in Players, doing small roles and set designs. Great fun.

  2. marmer01 says:

    Well this certainly brings back memories. The Hanszen production of The Fantasticks was the first fall musical put on by the colleges. I was the bass player, and my Shepherd School classmates Christina Carroll and Melinda McLain were the drummer and director respectively. That was actually the second time I played The Fantasticks, having done it once before in high school. Dennis Huston played the part of an out of work ham actor.The song Try to Remember is probably the best known song from that show and was a staple of 60s easy listening radio.

  3. marmer01 says:

    And of course I remember Dan McCormack very well! Hi Dan!

  4. Dan McCormack says:

    Hey, Marty! I think your name appears in several places in the Fantasticks program, not just as bass player. I remember you being pretty involved.

  5. Jeff Ross says:

    Michael Ytterberg, a 1975 architecture grad and Wiessman, made many posters for the Rice Players in the 1971-1975 era. They were artistic sketches, and I wish I had saved them for the Woodson collection. He once did a sketch of our first home in Montrose which we used on the announcement that my wife, Doris Williams, was oving her tax accounting practice into the house we once lived in.

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