Brennan’s Gate, 1940 and 2019

Finding myself with some time on my hands I’ve started trying to organize all the pictures I’ve saved in various places over the ten years of this blog. It’s not going well, mostly because I keep getting interested in things I’d forgotten for one reason or another. Here’s one of those things, from way back at Homecoming in October. I had a lot of visitors at that time and I was in the back with three of them–Walter Underwood, Mike Ross, and Grungy–just flipping through Neil Brennan’s scrapbook for no particular reason other than sheer entertainment. He’s got a page of images of the gates, like this one:

It was the one below that suddenly stopped me cold. I’d looked at this scrapbook maybe a dozen times but had never noticed this. Those steps! Where could they be?

I was too busy receiving visitors to go out looking but first Mike, then Grungy trekked around the edges of campus and sent back scouting reports, both locating it as the southern part of the front gate. Grungy made a time lapse that shows the spot with and without the steps and I hope it works here, but even if it doesn’t you can see where it is:

Note: It does work if you click on it. Thanks, Grungy!

Bonus: I’m getting very homesick for the Woodson.

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3 Responses to Brennan’s Gate, 1940 and 2019

  1. marmer01 says:

    I’m guessing the concrete ramp is a reasonably recent (by Rice standards) alteration.

  2. Cornelia says:

    Could have changed it when they replaced the concrete sidewalks and trimmed the tree roots with the gravel walk we have now.

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