Sketches, 1924

I was lounging around my office at home this afternoon, sipping some coffee and leafing through the 1924 Campanile just for the fun of it. I’ve spent quite bit of time with this  book but I caught something today that I’d never noticed before. Tucked inside are several charming sketches by John Clark Tidden, a member of the early art and architecture faculty, who I’ve written about here. Here’s the Chemistry Building under construction:

This next one is my favorite. I had to think for a minute but it’s the door that goes down to the basement of the Administration Building, just inside the Sallyport:

For comparison:

This one is easy but it contains some exotic vegetation:

And finally a mysterious figure. This likely meant something in 1924 but whatever it was it’s long gone:

Bonus: I made a quick trip to the Woodson today and came home with another box of Tsanoff letters to organize.



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5 Responses to Sketches, 1924

  1. Mike Ross says:

    Might the mysterious figure be a janitor spiking trash/paper to put into the bag slung around his left shoulder?

    • effegee says:

      I was going to suggest “Groundskeeper picking up trash at end of Physics Amphitheater near Administration Building?”

      • Mike Ross says:

        Thanks for suggesting the Physics Amphitheater. But it looks like it might be in front of the external stairwell on its north (Laboratory Loop Road) side.

        • effegee says:

          Yep, you’re right. I wasn’t picking up on the stone cap on the staircase just above his head. And working from memory, I erroneously thought the diamond peeking out from behind him was repeated on the east end of the building.

  2. marmer01 says:

    That’s probably right but I wanted it to be Sherlock Holmes with a fencing foil.

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