Construction, 1956

After almost two decades of stagnation–two world wars and the Depression didn’t help– new construction on campus exploded after World War II. Unlike current times when building projects are more or less constant this post-war construction came in several bursts. The first was right after the war and gave us Abercrombie, Anderson Hall, Fondren, and the president’s house. Then came the remarkable transformation of campus living quarters in anticipation of the adoption of the college system. This picture is of a piece of that change:

By May, 1956 there were three dormitories, three dining halls, and four master’s houses being built at the same time. Major remodels were also underway, including the commons here at right.

It must have been an unholy mess for a while.


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3 Responses to Construction, 1956

  1. Nancy M. Eubank says:

    The empty flagpoles must have been left after the 1990 Economic Summit that President George H. W. Bush brought to the Rice campus. Nancy Moore Eubank, 1955

  2. George Webb says:

    The new flag at Lovett Hall looks great! I am proud to say that I had something to do with it: it was an email from me to Kevin Kirby in early March that prompted replacement of the previous flag, which was tattered and somewhat faded.

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