The Tsanoffs Get Ready for Commencement, circa 1921

This week is normally one of my favorite times of the year. I love both the bustle of commencement preparations and the annual downshift into summer. Commencement will be virtual this year, which is, I suppose, better than nothing but it does leave one with a bit of an empty feeling.  To cheer us all up here’s a picture of young Nevenna Tsanoff in her father’s hood and cap as he gets ready to head to campus for the graduation ceremonies:

Katherine’s mad.

The picture came off this scrapbook page below, which I find just delightful. These images capture somehow the odd mix of the serious and the ridiculous that characterizes academic regalia:

I’m not sure but I think these pictures were taken in either 1921 or 1922. Here’s a great thing: because of Corinne Tsanoff I’ll be able to date them when I get back in the Woodson. See that number 256 on the top right hand corner of  page? She numbered every page (there are hundreds) and filed them by date and location. She was a gem.

Bonus: Campus chic, 2020.


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4 Responses to The Tsanoffs Get Ready for Commencement, circa 1921

  1. Rachel Dvoretzky says:

    Very cute and sweet. Katherine is unmistakable. And what beautiful houses — where was the Tsanoff home?

    • mike says:

      According to records at Ancestry,com, he gave his residence as 1401 Eagle on his WWI Draft Registration (June 1917).

      It was 5219 Austin in May 1924 (Naturalization application), 1932 (Houston city Directory) and April 1942 (WWII Draft Registration).

    • mike says:

      From the appearance of both houses in this Google StreetView — especially the one in the background above and in the left/background of the StreetView — it appears that the home pictured in these Tsanoff family photos is at 1401 Eagle.

      (Note: Zillow says the home at 1401 Eagle was built in 1920. But if it’s the same home that the Tsanoffs lived in at that address in 1917, when he filled out his WWI Draft Registration card, then Zillow’s in error.)

      • James Medford says:

        I think Zillow gets their data from HCAD, which also says 1920. I have found that HCAD’s records aren’t always reliable when it comes to the construction dates of buildings dating to the earlier part of the 20th century.

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