Back to the Future, 2020

As I’ve said before if you hang around here long enough you’ll see everything twice. Today’s exhibit: The Woodson Research Center, circa 1990. Note please the plexiglass shield in front of the front desk:

And the Woodson Research Center, June 10, 2020:

At least the ghastly yellow carpet is gone, until someone hopefully far in the future gets the genius idea that yellow carpet would be just the thing to brighten the place up.

Bonus: Main lobby, Fondren. I have two things. First, there’s no one here to use these computers. Second, is this device doing something by itself??


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3 Responses to Back to the Future, 2020

  1. joni says:

    Love the industrial-sized vise grips! Optimism that the shields are only temporary?

  2. At our ages, some things get to be seen 3, 4 or more times.

  3. Mark Williamson says:

    The answer to your comment and question about the bonus photo is in the photo itself. The PC “is currently in use remotely.” Nobody needs to be on site or even in town to do that, if they can reach the PC through the internet.

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