“Trashed for a Week,” 1991

I recently ran across this rather arresting photo, labeled “Trash Haul, November 1991”:

I assumed it must have been some sort of environmental thing and with that as a keyword and a narrow date range it was easy enough to find the Thresher article about it. It seems they carried their own trash around for a week to demonstrate how much garbage we all generate. I’m actually a bit surprised at how little there seems to be. I’m including the whole front page here because who doesn’t love a big crackdown:

Bonus: Inside the tent by Fondren and Anderson Architecture.

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3 Responses to “Trashed for a Week,” 1991

  1. Lori Lacher Malvey says:

    I remember the Trash Haul! I lived off campus so decided it was impractical for me to do. 😂 Lovett ‘93

  2. Interesting to note that the author of another front-page story, Shaila Dewan, writes now for the New York Times.

  3. Charles says:

    Third from the left in the white pants looks like Michelle Gadd. I think that she was a early recycling force at Rice.

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