He Handles the Financials

Last week I spent some time digging around in old drawings looking for something I never found. But I also found something I never looked for–a drawing that had been heinously mislabeled. Normally it works out really well if you label the folder by looking down at the bottom right hand corner of the sketch and using the BIGGEST WORDS you find there. That was not the case here, though.

Here’s the label:

So I looked in there, expecting to see a sketch of a standing desk.

But it was no such thing. It’s sketch of an office partition with a long bronze grille that includes at bottom right a line showing the top level of an existing standing desk:

I’ve never seen so much as a hint of this space before. My best guess:

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  1. It’s what I always called a “counter.” “Standing desk” has such a nice ring to it, though.

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