I’ve Been Looking For A Fitting Way To Start 2021

So how about a picture of some architects trying to teach a puppy to smoke?

I’ll concede that’s probably not what they’re doing but if you’ve spent any time with architecture students you know it’s not impossible either.

No date (I’m guessing late ’60s) and I don’t know who they are.

Bonus: Steve Baker mentioned in the comments to the post about the trees outside Cohen House that in 1963 you could still see the tower of Palmer Church above the trees. Here’s what you see now.


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6 Responses to I’ve Been Looking For A Fitting Way To Start 2021

  1. Texas SPQ says:

    That’s Greg White ’71 sitting on the table.

  2. Melissa Crowfoot Keane, Jones ‘72 says:

    Hi! The fellow in the middle of the photo (light colored suit, tie) looks like Greg White, who I’m thinking was a junior in the 1968-1969 school year. I was a freshman that year, and had a couple of dates with him (an older man!). Seems to me he was a member of the Honor Council.

  3. The guy in the “architect suit” might be Clovis Heimsath. He taught second year Architecture when I was there.

  4. Nancy MooreEubank, ‘55 says:

    Sometime around 1960 when I was Advisor to Women and eating lunch at Cohen House, I noticed a man standing up in the large oak tree pictured above. He was holding a long, narrow sack. Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I saw something large fall out of the tree! I immediately thought it was the gardener. Happily for the gardener, it was the man-sized sack. It turned out that after Rice had gone to great expense to have all the Spanish moss removed from the multitude of Rice’s oaks, Mr. Cohen was incensed that his oak had lost its graceful, hanging moss. The sack that fell was filled with Spanish moss the gardener was replacing on the tree for Mr. Cohen.
    Nancy Moore Eubank ‘55.

  5. Paul Hester says:

    A flurry of emails has produced the following:
    Libby Weedman writes: “That is me [sitting on the bench]. We had a “chair” project our 2nd year, 68′-69′. That is my chair. The critic is George Nelson. He liked my chair and told me if I was ever in New York, come by and he would give me a job. So, the summer after 3rd year, I did just that. A very nice man with a great office. It was a neat experience. I think that is Tom Lonnecker behind Nelson.”
    Davis Stoms [creator of the record of music and news included in Campanile 1970] says: “A wild ride on the way-back machine. I would agree that the fellow in the striped shirt is Mike Ettridge. He started with us but changed majors to architecture later, which put him a class behind us. I think he later switched to economics and taught at Washington State after a hitch in the Navy. He looks about 16 in this photo. Glad you recognized him because I am not sure I would have. And it definitely looks like Raymond Yin behind the puppy.”

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