“It is only a question of time,” 1909

I’ve been totally slammed the last two weeks but I did find a really interesting photograph and just haven’t had time to think carefully about it. So rather then posting something half baked I’m going to make you wait. Which is a long Rice tradition, dating back to the twelve years between William Marsh Rice’s death and the opening of the Institute. From the outside it looked like nothing was happening and people started getting chippy about it, as seen in this cartoon, which I actually find quite amusing:

This editorial from almost a year later gives a pretty good sense of the impatience around town. (Note especially the reference to getting Charles Weber to sell his property!)

I won’t make you wait more than a few days.

Bonus: A loyal reader sends these images, noting that the academic quad is beginning to take on a certain Seussian aspect. I confess that I find this quite amusing also.

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2 Responses to “It is only a question of time,” 1909

  1. harnmarsh says:

    Love the comment in that article that even Houston’s urchins are waiting for solid news on Rice Institute.

  2. Owlcop says:

    That’s some flowery prose.

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