Cocktail Hour, no date

It’s 5:00 and I’m about to have one even though I’ll never be as cool as architecture profs Andy Todd and Will Cannaday.

Bonus: I’ll also never be as cool as my little grandson, who just walked right up and joined the Christmas choir even though he can’t really talk much yet.

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5 Responses to Cocktail Hour, no date

  1. Kyle Henricks says:

    RIP Andy, you old Battleship!

  2. When I was an Archi at Rice, Andy used to be willing on a regular basis to accompany us to Kay’s Lounge to shoot the breeze. He was always “cool.” If the groups wasn’t large, he would even share his Cuban cigars.

  3. Beverly Schorre says:

    Your grandson is a little doll!

  4. We have fond memories of the many wonderful OWLS Christmas parties that Andy and Iris Todd have hosted through the years. And, yes, your grandson is adorable!

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