A&M Train List, 1946

I was looking for something specific in the Woodson yesterday and, as usual, I didn’t locate even a wisp of what I needed. But, again as usual, I found some other interesting and surprising things. I was moderately interested by this sheet I came across in the Dean of Students file. I knew that there had been a pretty long tradition of Rice students going in groups by train to both UT and A&M games but I’d never thought about the logistics of these trips until I saw this:

When I turned the page, though, I found the thing I really love: people! And as I read the names on the list I was surprised and somehow oddly moved to recognize so many of them. A few that immediately jumped out at me were Jerry Dobleman, Hallie Beth Poindexter, Joe Reilly, Ed Jennings, Leonard Attwell, and Marjorie Bray but there are others that I recognize but don’t know well (at least not yet).

David and John Eisenlohr, below, were I believe the sons of Otto Eisenlohr ’21, whose letters from Rice to his girlfriend, later wife, in Dallas are in the Woodson.


We won that game, by the way, in the middle of a fantastic 9-2 season that ended with a victory over SEC co-champion Tennessee in the Orange Bowl. Rice finished that year ranked number ten, although we’d been as high as five earlier in the year.

Bonus: Yet another grandchild arrived this weekend, making five total so far. This is Grace and her mother, who looks too good to have just produced a child. The picture was taken by the anesthesiologist, the tips of whose shoes can be seen at the bottom of the image.

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  1. Beverly Schorre says:

    Love the train story!
    Congratulations on a beautiful baby Grace!
    Yes, I agree, mother looks too good to just have a baby!!

  2. almadenmike says:

    Congrats!!! Looks like lovely Grace is signing! What a cutie!

  3. Matthew Noall says:

    Beautiful baby. Congratulations to all!

  4. Where was the Houston Municipal Airport in 1946? Was it where Hobby is now, or elsewhere? I wonder if anyone took the plane?

  5. Gloria Meckel Tarpley says:

    Congratulations on your beautiful new grandchild! And you’re right — your daughter looks to good to have just given birth!

  6. Lou Ann Montana says:

    Adding my congrats and compliments – mother and daughter are gorgeous!

  7. Texas+SPQ says:

    The baby picture is wonderful, and I love the name! It’s nice to have happy news.

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