What Do These People Have In Common?, 1999

It’s a rainy day today, which reminded me of this charming image:

But what do these people have in common, besides a shared conviction that they won’t melt in the rain and the fact that they’re all really nice? It took a little bit of work, but only a little bit, because I had a pretty good idea of why this particular group would have been assembled for photos.

And I was correct. A quick search of old Rice News copies turned this up:

Great teachers are our true treasure.

Bonus: Speaking of treasures and of great teachers, this turned up the other day. What Miss Keating had bound and labeled is a copy of Dr. Joseph I. Davies’s entire course of lecture notes for Biology 100, which he taught for decades.

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3 Responses to What Do These People Have In Common?, 1999

  1. harnmarsh says:

    Question: is it always the women students who are this thorough and organized? Seems like it!

  2. Lou Ann Montana says:

    Alas, if only my body would be limited to the conditions of Professor Davies’s described experiment and not allowed to gain weight!

    Thanks for two very interesting articles, Melissa!

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