Friday Follies: I Was Not Expecting This

I’ve reached a point at Rice where it is not easy to surprise me but today I was surprised twice. This is the most recent one, from the Houston Post, December 29, 1964:

We have a pretty thorough list of famous visitors to campus in the Woodson but these two are not on it. (Curiously, another visiting royal also slipped past the list makers.) There’s not a whisper of this visit in the Thresher either, as the campus must have been deserted

Bonus: They’ve been working on freshening up the crosswalks for a couple of days now.

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2 Responses to Friday Follies: I Was Not Expecting This

  1. -db Mike Gladu says:

    Sounds like the Duke was initially staring at a long recuperation, so they went house hunting in River Oaks. TMC doctors sent him home faster than expected!

  2. Terry Cloudman says:

    Here is Channel 13’s coverage of the Duke’s visit. No mention of Rice though.

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