“Pick Up After Each Other,” 1974

I just got back from a wonderful, long vacation up in Washington state, which is the explanation for my extended absence here. But I’m back now and I’ve collected a lot of neat stuff to write about, so here we go . . .

I’m starting with this because it actually made me laugh out loud. It’s got a bit of that Jack Nicholson in The Shining vibe.

Whatever else you might say about Norman Hackerman, who could be a bit on the grouchy side, there’s no denying that he was also capable taking real enjoyment in a sort of bemused way from campus life. This was taken in March, 1973 and on the back it says “President of Rice smiling after smashing cans”:

Bonus: Recycling Center, about a year later. I don’t know what this was shot through.

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8 Responses to “Pick Up After Each Other,” 1974

  1. Leonard Lane says:

    Two of the students in the photo are, on the left: Blinda McClelland (my first wife), and on the right: Duane Marks, class of 1974.

  2. The picture was shot through one of them thar oil barrels.

  3. Mike G. -db says:

    The photo is taken through a 55 gallon drum, with both ends cut off…

  4. I believe it is the inside of a barrel. A few have an opening on the side like the one at this link which is a barrel used for wine https://picclick.com/55-gallon-stainless-steel-wine-drum-Used-Closed-183241151678.html

  5. I love the Portal to Texas History. This Thresher describes the official opening of the recycling center, and that Dr Hackerman spoke. https://texashistory.unt.edu/ark:/67531/metapth245158/m1/1/?q=Hackerman%20recycling

  6. That opening is called a “bunghole” and the stopper for it is a “bung.”

  7. The 3rd student in the picture is Bonnie Hoskins

  8. Aaron D. says:

    I love the pictures in this post, and the caption on the back of the picture. Great stuff.

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