O’Connor Time Lapse, 2021-2022

I’m off on my annual trip up to Washington state where I have been playing a lot of golf with very mixed results. Even here, though, Rice is never far away and I was recently sent this neat time lapse video of the rise of the O’Connor building:

It was made by Ivy Gonzalez, who was working at the time in the CAAM Department. I’ll let her describe how she did it: I took this in 2109 Duncan Hall; there were about 2100 total photos. Minus University holidays, I took 9 photos daily — 3 in the morning when I arrived to campus, 3 at lunch, and 3 when I left the office. On days I was away, I asked my coworker Latreece McKinney to help. Not all the photos were viable since there were some days where it rained and there was streaks on the glass. It’s not as complete as I would have liked, since I left the CAAM/CMOR department in late November in 2022. But I’m pretty happy I was able to capture what I did.

I’m pretty happy about it too and I have great admiration for her ingenuity and enthusiasm.

Bonus: Here’s the set up.

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  1. Bob Shepherd says:

    My goodness. Totally awesome construction documentation. Kudos to Ivy for thinking of this

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