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Can Anybody Out There Read Shorthand?

Or tell me where to find someone who can? We’re getting the Rice Charter Change Trial records ready to send out out to be digitized and are confronted with a mystery. There are several stenographer’s notebooks in the collection filled … Continue reading

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A Small Peek Into the Autrey Scrapbook, 1912

Last week I wrote about the images in the Autrey’s scrapbook that were taken at Girard College in Philadelphia, the only plausible Rice connection I could think of. Today I unapologetically offer just a wee taste of other wonders contained … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: “To Hell With It,” 1964

Zoom in on his button. That’s right about where I am these days, minus the beer but with much, much cuter shoes. Bonus:

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Back to the Future, 2020

As I’ve said before if you hang around here long enough you’ll see everything twice. Today’s exhibit: The Woodson Research Center, circa 1990. Note please the plexiglass shield in front of the front desk: And the Woodson Research Center, June … Continue reading

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New Furniture, 2020

The excitement in the Woodson yesterday mostly (but not completely) centered around the arrival of new chairs for our conference table. And very handsome chairs they are too: What’s actually important, of course, is not the chairs, lovely and comfortable … Continue reading

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Girard College, 1912

Unsurprisingly almost nothing in the scrapbook from the Autrey family’s trip to the northeastern cities in 1912 has anything at all to do with Rice. But there are two pages that do, although accidentally. My heart jumped when I saw … Continue reading

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1975 Red Sox, circa 1985

I don’t know where Rice sociology professor Bill Martin grew up but I’m pretty darn sure it wasn’t Boston, Massachusetts. So my question–if you’re out there, Bill–is why the Red Sox team picture on his office wall, especially since judging … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: “One Beer,” 1912

From the Autrey Family scrapbook. A brewery owning family, as you’ll recall. Bonus: I can do better than that.

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Max Autrey, 1912, and (possibly) a flying machine

When I was doing the research for last week’s post on Max Autrey I discovered that we had a small collection, just a single box, of materials from Lynette Autrey. We can now get things from the Library Service Center … Continue reading

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” G Hardin Memorial Vampire Bat,” no date

Today we have an absolutely delicious little mystery. I got an email this morning from Tina Hicks, the FE&P Senior Project Manager who’s working on the Mech Lab’s much needed renovation: I have been working to clean Mech Lab out … Continue reading

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