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Friday Follies: Ouch!

I forgot to mention yesterday that I’m having my wisdom teeth out today. I’ll be taking Monday off  on general principles. See you Tuesday!  

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HMRC Thursday: First Day of Football Practice, 1964

Last Thursday I wrote about the barbecue they held in the stadium the night before football practice began but today we will see the guys finally get down to work. (I’m very grateful, by the way, to a couple former … Continue reading

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Main Gate Signage, 1988

Will there ever be a day when I don’t care about utterly trivial Rice physical plant issues? Maybe, but today is not that day. I give you, then, this: Why did someone bother to take a picture of this? It … Continue reading

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Louis Kahn’s Art Center Proposal, 1970

I’ve written before about the architect Louis Kahn and his visit to Rice in 1967. Recently, though, I came across some slides in O. Jack Mitchell’s papers, which combined with some documents tucked far away in an information file tell … Continue reading

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Joan Wilson in the MFAH, 1932

One of the things that struck me about Joan Wilson’s lovely scrapbook was that as thoroughly as it documented her life at Rice it contained almost no photographs. I was surprised, then, when I discovered that she was an avid … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: Bundled Up, 1962

The heat went out in Fondren, January 1962: It’s probably more appropriate for dealing with the summer air conditioning, though.

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HMRC Thursday: Rice Football Barbecue, 1964

For some reason the Houston Post sent a photographer out to shoot pictures at the barbecue held in the stadium for what appears to be the Rice football players on August 31, the day before practice started. I know this … Continue reading

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