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“Bet You Never Even Knew When I Stole It,” Christmas, 1991

For many years before Rice began offering degrees in Art, students who were artistically inclined tended to flock to the Architecture Department for their undergraduate studies. Some of these students became practicing architects, others never did. One of those who … Continue reading

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“A Facilities and Engineering Christmas, ” 1997

I found this buried somewhere down deep in Dean Currie’s papers. Some of the rascals mentioned are gone, but others are still around: Bonus: I’ve had some great times with Nancy Rowe and Roy Perez over the years. I’m not … Continue reading

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Is This Rice’s First Black Coach?

Believe it or not, no one was keeping track at the time so it’s extremely difficult to know for sure. This photograph was taken in the spring of 1972. That’s McCoy McLemore in between head basketball coach Don Knodel and … Continue reading

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“The Latest and Best of Everything,” Rice Stadium, 1950

There was a nice article about Rice Stadium in the Houston Chronicle last week, celebrating the 70th anniversary of that elegant structure. While it was being built it was the talk of the town, an exciting development for the city … Continue reading

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A Bit More From the Houston Country Club, 1938

The post about Will Rice and the Houston Country Club drew enough emails to merit another look at the 1938 booklet printed by the club on the occasion of its thirtieth anniversary. I confess that the first time around I … Continue reading

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“A few timely comments from Mr. Wm. M. Rice,” 1938

I was looking for something in the Woodson vault the other day, and I mean I was really looking, trying to find something specific that wasn’t in any obvious place. I was looking so intently that I wedged myself into … Continue reading

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Rice Field, 1924

Last Saturday I was perusing, as is my custom, the posts on the Houston’s Aviation History facebook page. (If you’re on facebook this is one of the things that’s actually worth your time.) Much to my delight Story Sloane III … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving, 1956: “Help Hungary”

Thanksgiving in 1956 fell just after the rebellion in Hungary, begun as a student revolt, was crushed by the Soviet military. It was a somber time but American students rushed to raise relief funds, doing what they could to alleviate … Continue reading

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“the holiday spirit is creeping upon us,” 1932

As we come to the end of one of the strangest semesters in Rice history, I find myself longing for a party–and I don’t even like parties. In 1932, they stayed up all the way until midnight (and don’t forget … Continue reading

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“an invasion of bridge madness,” 1927

I can no longer recall what began my immersion in 1927 but it’s sure a hard place to leave. The Roaring Twenties were really interesting, even at the little old Institute. The fads of the 1920s in particular were everything … Continue reading

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