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“But I’m Ready For Another One,” 1921

I came across this note yesterday while looking for something truly obscure in Dr. Lovett’s files concerning the French Department. Very unexpected and the sort of thing that you just have to go look up whether you have the time … Continue reading

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“Knowledge hath no enemie but Ignorance,” 1912

Remember Monday’s awful bonus picture? A commenter took the trouble to look at it closely and then asked a really good question: what does it say on the mantle? Those are clearly letters but they’re so stylized it’s very hard … Continue reading

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Some Surprises in a High School Yearbook, 1931

Just before Christmas break I spent some time down in the Woodson’s annex, a large work room where we sort out large, sometimes very disorganized new collections. The largest and most disorganized I’ve ever seen is Doc C’s stuff and … Continue reading

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Happy New Year, With Owls

I returned to campus after the holiday break today, rather unsteady on my feet and without any clear memory of what I was working on before vacation. Classes don’t start until next week so my intention is to sort of … Continue reading

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“Cordial holiday greetings,” 1930

This simple and elegant card is what the Lovetts sent out to friends and colleagues every year. I think it’s lovely, with the embossed Rice shields and the pretty engraving: Until a few weeks ago I’d never seen any other … Continue reading

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“Delivery Receipt,” 1975

Every once in a while I notice how strange it is that we still have stuff like this, all carefully catalogued. I think it’s delightful, although I could live without the quotation marks: We also have a collection of Rice … Continue reading

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“The Seventh Richest Educational Institution in the Country,” 1915

It was a rare quiet afternoon in the Woodson today, the last day of finals. This meant–even rarer–that I had some time to simply explore, meandering through the collections just to see if anything good would turn up. After a … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: Offsides?

I know nothing about rugby but I’m pretty sure something is wrong here. The ball seems to be on the ground. I don’t know, maybe they’re dancing. Also, there’s a dog involved which can’t be usual. Bonus: Cohen House decorated … Continue reading

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HMRC Thursday: Santa, 1964

From the Houston Post Photo Collection, RGD006N 8580: Don’t those look like feet on the right side? Well, it’s because they are: Times have most definitely changed. Bonus: And another thing! Kids today have it too easy. Back in the … Continue reading

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Order of Service, November 10, 1960

While I was going through the RMC chapel material, which is extensive, I came across this program from a service held there in the fall on 1960. It looks like the standard fare of the era and was initially notable … Continue reading

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