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Tau Beta Pi Bent, 1949

I felt a small surge of panic when I came across this picture and flashed back to my epic 2013 struggle (here, here, and here) to figure out when the Tau Beta Pi bent moved from the front of Abercrombie to … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: Ennui with Cheesecake, circa 1924

Classic dormitory boredom, West Hall, probably either 1923 or 1924 based on the banner between the windows. Bonus: Speaking of folly.  

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HMRC Thursday: Aggies Return Kidnapped Sammy, 1962

This sequence of photos from the Houston Post Collection (RGD0006N-1962-6086) was taken on November 12, 1962. How those rascals got Sammy in the first place I do not know but they certainly seem to be treating him with a great … Continue reading

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“Mein Kampfanile,” 1959

This morning I was looking at this sweet image of Rice girls enjoying a book when I realized two things. First, the picture was dated 1960 but it had to have been taken in the fall of 1959. And second, … Continue reading

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“Population of the birds . . . range as high as 6 million,” 1975

Last Friday’s post with the helicopter and swirling grackles drew an interesting comment from the always helpful David Scott: The more interesting helicopter escapade was an attempt to drape a huge net over those trees by Chem Lec and perhaps … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: “an airborne symphony,” 1979

That’s the unexpected (and thoroughly unwarranted) romantic sounding description that accompanied this November, 1979 Houston Chronicle photo of a helicopter trying to roust some of the grackles that were infesting campus: I don’t think it was quite so romantic if … Continue reading

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I had more or less forgotten that the student-run coffeehouse in the RMC was once located here, right next to the door to Sammy’s: The two pictures I found are undated but taken well within my era at Rice. I’d … Continue reading

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