A Vanished Campus Update

As I was looking through the pictures I have stored on my laptop, I realized that there was yet another aspect of the landscape between the old football field and the dorms that has long since disappeared. At some point, a long hedge was planted along the path that ran between them. This hedge fairly quickly grew into a tunnel. Here’s a picture of it that I found in the scrapbook of a math grad student who graduated in 1940:

The mind reels.

You can see the long hedge here in this 1950 aerial picture of campus:

Click on this to enlarge.

I confess that I know neither when it was planted nor when it was taken out. (It doesn’t seem to be there in the picture I posted yesterday, which was dated 1919.) I’m in Omaha for a meeting right now, but as soon as I get back I’ll see if I can figure it out.

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  1. James Medford says:

    I’d guess the hedge tunnel was taken out in 1957, the year Hanszen’s new section was built at the beginning of the college system. The path as seen in the aerial photo runs through the current location of the new section.

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