Update on 1919 Track Guy

I’m not feeling so hot tonight so instead of the post I promised about yesterday’s Main Street picture I’m going to do something simpler.

I dug around for a while today trying to figure out who this guy was. Astute commenter C Kelly alerted me to the possibility that he wasn’t a track guy at all, but a basketball player. This has proved to be, in fact, exactly right. This is his basketball team picture from the 1919 Campanile, precisely the same shot that I found in Heavy Underwoods’ scrapbook. His name is Robb Winsborough. I don’t think he graduated from Rice, but I didn’t remember to check before I left campus. Rice wasn’t very good this particular season (1918-19), finishing 4-10, a big disappointment after going 10-4 the year before.

Just for grins, here’s the guy in the picture next to Winsborough. It’s Edgar Lovett’s son, Malcolm, who much later served as chairman of Rice’s Board of Trustees. He was married to this nice lady at the craps table at the 1982 Friends of Fondren Library Gala.

Update: I’m reliably informed that Winsborough did graduate in 1923.

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