Main Street, 1921

I ran across this remarkable photograph a few weeks ago when someone came in looking for historic pictures of Main Street. I’d somehow never seen it before. I’m pretty sure it was taken on a football game day in 1921 by the Flying Owls. This is the only thing that would explain the long lines of parked cars on both sides of the street. Look closely, because I think I’m going to be writing about this one for the rest of the week.

Go ahead. Click on it. It's a treasure trove.

The big building in the foreground is Autry House. The smaller one behind it close to the street is a sandwich and ice cream shop called The Owl that catered to Rice students. To the right is a shed that students used for shelter when they were waiting for the trolley on Fannin to take them back into town. You can see a couple of trolley cars on the tracks just to the right. (I don’t know who owned the house behind The Owl.) This is a lot for one photograph, but I’ll have something to say about all these things PLUS some photos of Ye Old College Inn just down the street.

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  1. Bill Allison says:

    Hi Melissa
    This is from the Fling Owls booklet Rice Institute From the Air. I just got a copy of it and am looking around online for information about it. I thought you had written about it before, but I can’t see it if you did.

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