Inside the Engineering Annex

I’m packing for my trip to Omaha—I’ll be rooting for Stony Brook—so this will be a quick one. I recently ran across something I’d never seen before: a photo taken inside the Engineering Annex, which I’ve mentioned before. Miraculously, it is dated–1950. Sadly, though, I failed to note where I found it, although I feel like it might have been in Jim Sims’s papers. Don’t worry, it will come to me eventually.

I think the word for this is “spartan.”

Bonus: Bells will ring.

Extra Bonus: Two views of the transit of Venus! The first was taken by Rice’s photographer, Tommy Lavergne:

The second came from my colleague in Fondren Library, Debra Kolah, who captured an image of some folks capturing the image of the transit on campus (got that??):

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5 Responses to Inside the Engineering Annex

  1. Sandy Havens says:

    Re: the engineering annex photo. We are the proud possessors of one of those drafting tables. We use it as the central work table/cutting board in our Houston kitchen. Bought it back in the late 60’s. Paid $10.

  2. Melissa Kean says:

    I wish I had that!!

  3. Debra Kolah says:

    Professor Hartigan, helping us celebrate history in action! Cheer, Debra Kolah

  4. Nancy Burch says:

    Go Stony Brook!

  5. Patrick Hartigan says:

    Physics and Astronomy graduate student Wei Chen walking past in the background of the last
    photo. Next Venus transit in 2117!

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