Loitering in Front of the Administration Building

It’s kind of funny to me that this spot, which is normally one of the emptiest places on campus in recent times, was for many decades the site of so much aimless loitering.

Attentive readers will know at a glance the approximate year this picture was taken.

Bonus: This comes to us from Rome, sent by an unusually alert reader. Some troubles are common to all humanity, I guess.

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3 Responses to Loitering in Front of the Administration Building

  1. James Medford says:

    It’s the men’s hats, right?

  2. Melissa Kean says:

    Yes! They lasted from 1919 to about 1922. I recognize a couple of the students, which leads me to think this picture was taken in 1920.

  3. marmer01 says:

    Yes, it’s the dress cowboy hats again. It’s difficult to make any real identifications of the cars from the rear, but I can go along with post-WWI, early ’20s/

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