A Thursday Video, plus a Girls Athletics Photo

In this week’s Centennial video, Brandon finds me looking through a box of Dr. Lovett’s things. I think I look quite fetching with my glasses perched on top of my head and a band-aid covering the papercut on my thumb.

And here’s a rather random picture:

It was in a scrapbook and I think it’s the earliest shot I’ve found of a young woman actually engaged in athletics on campus. It was taken in 1917 and it’s Camille Waggaman, one of the fun-loving Waggaman sisters of Rice’s first years (Adele was the other). She’s playing on the courts that were across from the back of the Physics amphitheater, where Duncan is today. I believe those courts were reserved for the girls and a second set, way across campus, very near where the tennis courts are now, were for the boys. I assume this was to prevent athletic gender mingling but I don’t know that for sure.

Bonus: I scored a couple of Stony Brook CWS t-shirts today! They are in very, very high demand.

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2 Responses to A Thursday Video, plus a Girls Athletics Photo

  1. Bill Allison says:

    Go Sea Wolves! Enjoy Omaha, I wish I was there also.

    Plus your video is great as always.

  2. Andy Arenson says:

    You look lovely with your glasses up and I didn’t notice the bandage.

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