Chemistry Lab, 1952

Not long ago I came across this group of images in a manuscript collection. (I suspect Joseph Davies took them.) Happily, they’re all labeled and I found them arresting enough to scan them. But although I know what they are, I don’t really know what they mean. If you know what I mean. I have no context. This first one is called “Chemistry Storage Case, 1952.”

This next one is “Chemistry Lab Equipment, 1952.” (I think there may still be some of these floating around campus.)

And finally, what to me is the most interesting one: “Chemistry Faculty Research, 1952.” If I knew what this was, I might be able to figure out whose research we’re looking at here, but I really have no idea.


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  1. Andy Arenson says:

    From the bonus pic, the brickwork is reminiscent of Lovett College, but it’s not any angle I recognize. Perhaps this is in the direction of the new servery put amongst Lovett, Will Rice, and Sid.

  2. Keith Cooper says:

    i would have to say Antoine Predock’s Dell Butcher Hall – a fitting twin to the old Chemisrty images

  3. I agree with Keith. It looks like it’s taken from the top of the tower of Space Science, looking diagonally down toward Dell Butcher alongside the amphitheatre.

  4. Francis Eugene "Gene" PRATT, Institute Class of '56 says:

    Pic #1:
    “Chemistry Storage Case, 1952.”
    That was an unpublicized storage area of chemicals, where various ChE’s attempted to formulize potions for their dates, assuming they might one day get one.
    (Charles Koberg ’56 spent much time in this area of the laboratory.)

    Pic #3:
    “Chemistry Faculty Research, 1952.”
    That was the working model of the device perfected and pictured in the 1956 “Campanile” on p. 30.
    I believe there was much interdepartmental cooperation on that project, at Kay’s Bar & Grill, The Glass Hat, Athen’s Bar & Grill, etc.

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