Friday Afternoon Follies: Chariots of Fire

David Minter edges Sidney Burrus.

I’m guessing this must have been a College Olympics or some such when they were both masters.

Bonus: This week’s video features one of my favorite things—an almost painfully in-depth look at something most people don’t pay any attention to.

Extra bonus: I took this with my cell phone.

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9 Responses to Friday Afternoon Follies: Chariots of Fire

  1. joni says:

    Please don’t ever end your series! (And more cell phone pictures, please!)

  2. Sandy Havens says:

    I was part of that race. It was a 100 yard dash run by the College Masters as part of a Spring intra-college track meet sometime in the mid 1970’s. I was way behind Burrus and Minter. As for the gathering space at the end of the physics building and the physics amph-itheatre: Back in the mid 1950’s Rice Players presented two or three productions of Shakespeare play in that area (before the large tree was planted). I was in the first one (Henry IV, Part I). I believe the second one was MacBeth. The last one (A Midsummer Night’s Dream) was rained out and the whole thing was moved indoors into the amphi-theatre. Talk about last minute adaptations!

    • Francis Eugene "Gene" PRATT, Institute Class of '56 says:

      Sandy, if that was the Sid Burrus, of the year following ours (1956), he was on the track team, if you didn’t know at the time. But he was a distance runner, as I recall, and NOT a sprinter.

    • Christopher Minter says:

      Sandy, wondering about how if possible to shorten Macbeth to about one hour. Sounds strange but country productions are limited. Though neither of us will remember exactly,
      I was involved at Baker College through my parents. My best wishes.


  3. cburrus says:

    It was indeed the Sid Burrus of class 57′. I did run track in high school but not at Rice.

    • Francis Eugene "Gene" PRATT, Institute Class of '56 says:

      I did NOT know you in high school.
      BUT, you are also NOT listed in the 1953 “Campanile” as being on the Track team.
      So how did I know you had been a track man?

      It could NOT have been from seeing your high school yearbook, as y’all blew that up when you exploded your room.

      You must have done something to make me know that factoid about you.

      • Wes Hansen says:

        Boy, if I would have known my old Lovett College master used to blow up dorm rooms, I would have tried to get into even more trouble than I already did!

        Hi Mr. Burrus!
        –Wes Hansen, Class of ’80

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