Window Treatments

Here’s some genuine miscellany for you. These pictures have nothing in common except that they both show windows with paint on them.

This first one was taken in Sewall and both the painting and the photograph demonstrate some artistic ambition to echo the Physics Building across the quad:

The second was taken several decades earlier during the construction of Fondren Library in 1948. I don’t think it’s art but it might convey information, as the photograph is also intended to do. Or it might just be scribbling to make sure people know there’s glass there.

Bonus: The other way around.


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  1. Keith Cooper says:

    If I am not mistaken, the photo from Fondren corresponds to an area under current renovation — the home for Rice’s new writing center. They were putting finishing touches on the trim today when I walked through the space. Well done on selecting a timely shot!

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