Pots, New and Old

Right now I’m sitting at gate B87 at Intercontinental, which is not as fun as it sounds. I don’t know that I’ll be able to post later so I’ll just share some pots. I noticed brand new ones this morning in front of the new part of Baker. They’re quite large, but plain.

And here’s one of the early beauties that I love. This was taken in 1915, over by the arcade side of the Physics Building. The charming young lady on the left is my old friend Pender Turnbull.

I’m pretty sure this is the same pot, ten years later. Note that it has migrated a bit. It’s still in the same vicinity but farther from the building. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a photo of a man posing by one of these.

If I can write later tonight, I will. (But don’t hold your breath.) With the help of some alert and diligent readers, I have more scoop on Mrs. Frank Henderson.

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