Football, 1957: Texas

No archival drama about this week’s game–everything was right where you’d expect it to be.  The game was kind of a bummer, though, a close one that could have been won. Here’s the sport’s page from the Thresher, complete with a look forward to the next game with Clemson:

I also ran across this page of the Owl’s cumulative stats for offense after the UT game:

Bonus: I’ve heard a lot of people comment on what a fantastic athlete King Hill was so I wasn’t surprised when I found this picture in a golf folder. I am a little curious about where he is, though. It looks like he’s in the middle of a pasture.


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  1. Amanda Focke says:

    There are more photos of King Hill online in “Rice Historical Images and Key Documents” — just search there for his name.

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