First Draft: Proposed Library Building, 1927

I got distracted (not exactly the upset of the year, I know) as I was leaving the Woodson this afternoon and I left behind the flash drive that holds what I was going to write about tonight. So instead of that, we have this:

Library 1927 Cram proposal

As far as I can tell this was the first crack that Ralph Adams Cram took at a library for us. Weirdly, it reminds me a little bit of Fondren before the additions.

Fondren with side lot early 50s

Bonus: Here’s a small sample of the wonders I found today. More later.


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2 Responses to First Draft: Proposed Library Building, 1927

  1. Dan McCormack says:

    When Rice took a pass on Cram’s designs, I think they allowed him to sell the design to others. Isn’t that the Doheny Library at USC?

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