Two Undated Pictures of Baseball Players

The first one is nice. If you forced me to guess I’d insist on some wiggle room and call it circa 1950. I love the uniforms.

Baseball nd 2

This next one I’m not so crazy about, however. The mustaches are unsettling. 1980s?

baseball nd

As always, any help with identification is welcomed.

Bonus: A closeup of my hammock in the sunset.



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11 Responses to Two Undated Pictures of Baseball Players

  1. In the older pic it’s before the new section of Hanszen was built, but the gloves look fairly modern. 1950 or even a little later.
    The newer pic – looks like Scurlock Tower and the Wyndham (now Hilton) are there — ’83 maybe?

  2. Marie Dunn says:

    Middle photo is definitely early ’80s. On left is Scott Johnson (SS). I believe that is Mark Machalec second from the left.

  3. Francis Eugene "Gene" PRATT, Institute Class of '56 says:

    First Baseball PIC.
    Is on page 311 of 1955 “Campanile”.

    Pitching Staff:
    Stand: James Briggs BS ’57, Richard Floyd ’55, Billy [sic] Arhos ’57, Emil Tejml ’57-double degree ’58,
    Kneel: Jim Pemberton BS in ’58, John Wolda ’56

    Arhos was the only southpaw. (For the benefit of you “fuzzies”,that’s a left-handed pitcher.)

    Wolda was all SWC.

  4. Kathy says:

    That hammock looks awfully sweet!

  5. Paul Dishman says:

    The bottom picture on the mound is 1983-84. Second from left is Kent Koppa, JUCO transfer from San Jac. I think the guy on the right is Carl Mikeska, between him and Koppa looks like Chris Tucker, a catcher, but I not 100% on that.

  6. Paul Dishman says:

    Koppa just confirmed the picture is the starting infield for the 1984 team, in practice uniforms;
    from L-R
    Scott Johnson, 3B
    Kent Koppa, SS
    Bryan Foxx, 2B
    Carl Mikeska, 1B

  7. Chris Castellani says:

    I love the rickety-looking fire escape off the Hanszen sundeck. I think I’d probably take my chances in a fire rather than climb down that thing!

    • Francis Eugene "Gene" PRATT, Institute Class of '56 says:

      I lived in that Dorm (“West Hall”) in those days — at the other end where the Infirmary was — but I don’t remember ever seeing anyone on that fire escape. In fact, I don’t remember that fire escape.

    • Deborah Gronke Bennett (BSEE Hanszen '82) says:

      I noticed the West Hall fire escape too. Thank goodness it was gone when I lived in Hanszen (1976-1979). I am also intrigued by the little tower peeking above the trees between the 2nd and 3rd player standing. What is that?

  8. James E. Thompson says:

    The baseball players in the second shot are Scott Johnson (84) Kent Koppa, Bryan Foxx and Carl Mikeska (all class of 85)

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