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Another Commencement Come and Gone Plus Summer Hours

Well, after a bit of weather anxiety Rice pulled off another successful graduation. Here’s a great shot of the 100th Commencement taken by Campus Photographer Jeff Fitlow. He told me how he did this but I confess I didn’t really … Continue reading

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Friday Afternoon Follies: Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall

I thought last fall’s Centennial Celebration was absolutely magnificent. The hard work of so many able Rice faculty, staff and administrators made it very nearly perfect. But nobody’s perfect. A faculty member brought in something I’ve never seen before–an umbrella … Continue reading

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Over By The Track Stadium

My eighteen-month old granddaughter is visiting and so we’ve descended at my house into the kind of chaos that only a toddler can create. Unable to form any coherent thoughts, I present instead two pictures that left me speechless in … Continue reading

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“Digital Photos Abercrombie”

I had a nice laugh yesterday afternoon while I was cleaning up my office at home. I’ve got a lot of research materials that I walked away from a couple years ago when I began working almost full time on … Continue reading

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Owls, Now and Then

This really caught my attention a few days ago. I looked around a bit (very, very quietly) but didn’t see anything. Then Tommy Lavergne sent me this gorgeous shot this morning and I realized what it must have been: They … Continue reading

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Reader Snapshots: A Famous Foot and A Successful Rescue

Two loyal readers sent me snapshots of goings-on around campus, a practice I’d like to encourage. I can’t be everywhere, people! All these pictures made me smile. The first came from John Wolda–it’s an image captured at a Rice baseball … Continue reading

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Thursday Video: The Garcia Family Returns to Rice

Truly we live in strange and wondrous times. The internet can make things happen that are hard to believe. Here’s an example: a little while back I got a comment on an old post, the one where I first realized … Continue reading

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Thursday Update: William F. Buckley, Porte Cocheres And Some Obsolete Technology

I’m posting early today simply because I happen to have a free block of time right now.  There is no such thing as a “normal day” in my line of work so you have to seize these opportunities when they … Continue reading

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The Evolution of the Cohen House Porte Cochere as Illustrated by William F. Buckley

So I went looking for pictures of the tiny porte cochere at Cohen House that caught my eye in yesterday’s aerial shot. Well, I found some fabulous ones by the merest accident. Trust me, these pictures were not in any … Continue reading

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