Reader Snapshots: A Famous Foot and A Successful Rescue

Two loyal readers sent me snapshots of goings-on around campus, a practice I’d like to encourage. I can’t be everywhere, people! All these pictures made me smile. The first came from John Wolda–it’s an image captured at a Rice baseball game.


Somewhat odd, no? Here’s the explanation: Piece of history. Seen at a Rice baseball game. This foot booted a field goal to beat Texas in Austin 17-15 in the last 10 seconds in 1949.  It was the only field goal he ever kicked for Rice. He was 1st team All American, Bob Quin Award winner, Rice Athletic Hall of Famer, Rice Athletic Historian. The foot belongs to Froggy Williams, my all time favorite player and a real gentleman.

Here’s a very nice bio of Froggy at the site devoted to Bob Quin Award winners. (If you follow the link you’ll get to see his face, which is more interesting than his boot.) He really had a great career and as John says, he is a true gentleman and a kind man. There’s quite a bit of material about him in the archives and I’ll dig some out and post it when can.

The other picture came from a faculty member whose children were exploring campus last Friday. They came upon a couple of birds who had gotten tangled up in nylon thread. Luckily, Marty and Darrell from F&E were on hand and came to the rescue.


Bonus: Commencement is almost here! I hope this Italian cypress doesn’t fall on any graduates.

Commencement prep 2013

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