Owls, Now and Then

This really caught my attention a few days ago. I looked around a bit (very, very quietly) but didn’t see anything.


Then Tommy Lavergne sent me this gorgeous shot this morning and I realized what it must have been:

130501_Owls 0042

They look kind of crazy, don’t they, with those eyes? It reminded me of this early sketch for the Rice shield. Somehow these little guys look like they’ve been up all night drinking Red Bull:

Early drawing of shield on caffeine

Bonus: Have a seat!


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9 Responses to Owls, Now and Then

  1. Susann Glenn says:

    This is awesome! Owls on Red Bull – excellent.

  2. susannmarie says:

    This is awesome! My favorite comment: “these little guys look like they’ve been up all night drinking Red Bull”. Yessssss.

  3. Helen L. Toombs says:

    Where on campus are these owls/is this sign?!

    • Geraldine says:

      This is between Sewall and Rayzor Hall. I was attacked at night by the mom/dad when I walked by the inner loop, so there’s no way I could forget where these little guys are.

  4. Like I always say, chair and chair alike.

  5. James W. Hajovsky says:

    Will a picture of these “Priceless” little babies ever be put up for sale. I’d love to have one. I’m not that familiar with the Rice campus, can you give directions to where they are located. I’ll be at Reckling Friday and like to try to find them.

  6. Kathy says:

    That’s an amazing photo of the owls. They almost don’t look real.

  7. Bill Johnson 57-58 says:

    I would also like to buy a copy, 8X10 please,

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