“An atmosphere of roses and perfume,” 1924

Mess Hall Dolled Up for Junior Prom March 1924 1I recently ran across these photos–they were, as usual, someplace I didn’t expect them to be. They’re even labeled and dated: March 7, 1924. There are very few surviving early images of the Commons so I was pretty happy about it all. (Just so you know, I am not responsible for the fairly dramatic slant; that is the photographer’s doing.)

Mess Hall Dolled Up for Junior Prom March 1924 2

I don’t seem to have any other pictures of the commons with me for comparison, so I’m struggling a little with these. The columns in the top picture are really interesting, as is the shiny floor.

Anyway, it must have been my lucky day because when I went to the 1924 volume of the Thresher hoping to find a story about this prom, I instead came upon a story about these prom decorations! Mess Halled Dolled Up Thresher March 7 1924

Bonus: For good measure, here’s the header of the 1924 Thresher, which I think is quite handsome:Mess Hall Thresher header 1924

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5 Responses to “An atmosphere of roses and perfume,” 1924

  1. C Kelly says:

    I want to know if the May Fight was tamer than usual that year.

  2. mjthannisch says:

    Wednesday morning chapel, Saturday morning classes, indeed a different world 90 years ago!

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