Friday Morning Follies: Was This the Last Year for Beanies?

The kid on the bike looks pretty old to be a freshman, no?

Beanie biker

Because it’s Friday, I went ahead and left this photo uncropped. I’m just nuts like that sometimes.

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9 Responses to Friday Morning Follies: Was This the Last Year for Beanies?

  1. almadenmike says:

    The person just left of the beanie-wearing bicyclist looks like Charles Maynard. And I’m wondering if the cyclist could be Prof. Bill Martin, who was a Baker College faculty associate.

  2. Kirwin Drouet says:

    I also think it’s Bill Martin.

  3. grungy1973 says:

    That looks like the future Dr. Dannenberg (not in the hat), so this is ’73 or later.

  4. Guy says:

    Or ’74 — according to the beanie.

  5. Leoguy says:

    74 could have been the class year, not the calendar year.
    I was class of 74 and we had to wear beanies during O-week in the fall of 1970.

  6. Bill Martin says:

    I am puzzled. I am clearly the distinguished man on the bicycle. (Even if I had a doppelganger, I would not have lent him my bike.) What puzzles me is the beanie. Leoguy says freshmen wore beanies during O-week in 1970, so I accept that as true, but I don’t remember ever seeing them, and I certainly don’t think I ever owned one. I would swear I had never had one on my head were it not for this picture. The glasses were mine. I believe they were in fashion at that time.

  7. Keith Cooper says:

    Bill – is that Jeff Kurtzman in the out of focus foreground?

  8. MM Pack, '74 says:

    I and few class-of-74 buddies think that the leaning guy on the left (also wearing fashionable glasses) was our classmate Derrick Lewis and that this photo was from O week 1970–although I don’t remember any beanies, either. Derrick, a bass player, became a well-known Houston jazz musician. Sadly, he was killed in a bike accident near UH in August 2012.

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