Speaking of Bill Martin . . .

I’ve been to Austin and back today so I had to rummage around in my laptop for something interesting to look at. Lo and behold, more pictures of Bill Martin! Here he’s still hanging out with undergrads but (wisely, in my opinion) he’s ditched the beanie, which seems to have returned to it’s rightful place:

Bill Martin Baker College_2

Here’s a more dignified image, one I’ve always liked. It’s clearly a commencement photo but it isn’t dated. That’s one of Rice’s greatest deans and provost, Bill Gordon, with his back to the camera. The only other person I can identify is, I think, Clarence Miller from Chemical Engineering in the center of the frame next to Bill’s right arm. I’m not sure what’s happening here.

Bill Gordon and Bill Martin Commencment

And finally, another picture with the allegedly stylish eyeglasses. This one is a bit puzzling–the seal on the podium is of the UT Medical School. It is also, of course, undated.

Bill Martin podium

Bonus: Another thing for which I have no explanation.


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9 Responses to Speaking of Bill Martin . . .

  1. Interesting. That’s a very nice, probably privately purchased folding music stand. It’s not a Shepherd School stand and probably not a MOB stand. Someone must have put a sign on it for a wedding or something. Hope they get it back.

  2. Keith Cooper says:

    Night-time Commencement implies 1984 or earlier. Sid Rich stole may imply he is still master. I would bet he is being congratulated for winning the Brown teaching award.

    We used to recognize them at Commencement. We may again, in the near future.

  3. James Medford says:

    In the second photo, I think I see Robert Haymes at the far left. He was Master at Will Rice in the early 80s.

  4. effegee says:

    That is definitely Robert Haymes at the left.

  5. Bill Martin says:

    1) I’m relieved to have the beanie question answered. Maybe the owner was in a fistfight and asked me to hold it. In the original picture, we were all looking at something.
    2) Brown Teaching Award presentation must be the explanation for the second picture. I think that’s John Clark partially obscured just to my right.
    3) I gave the commencement address to the first graduation class at UT Medical School.
    4) I had, and still have, a music stand like that, which I used for my lecture notes. I liked being able to adjust it to just the right level, and also not to stand behind a big box. For the record, mine was a gift from a former departmental coordinator, not swiped from the Shepherd School. But the visible rivets on this one make it clear that this was not mine. Marty’s guess is as good as any.
    If there is great demand from the reading public, I can doubtless find other pictures.

    • Melissa Kean says:

      More pictures, please!

    • almadenmike says:

      Bill — You won eight teaching awards (!!) in 14 years (1971-84), according to your CV. I see that in 1985 you then got a “George R. Brown Life Honor Award for Teaching” … which made you ineligible for future teaching awards. Might the photo above show you receiving that singular Hall-of-Fame type award?

      Congrats! (And it was great to see and chat with you at the Centennial.)

      — Mike Ross (Baker ’70/’74)

  6. Rex Martin says:

    Those glasses from 1970 still look pretty stylish to me. The 1975 vintage …… err, not so much. I have to say my Dad has always been pretty cool.

  7. I bet I know the size of the first photo. It is 8×10, printed with a mask that allows the full size of the 35mm negative to be used. The TGM probably has a vocabulary term for that (I’m taking a course on metadata right now, though I knew about the TGM before this).

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