Saturday Special: 2013 Conference USA Champions

Back in the day this was how Rice students celebrated a big victory:

King Hill blockade 1957

Rice 7, Texas A&M 6.


I’m not suggesting this, by the way. Don’t do this.

I mean it.

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8 Responses to Saturday Special: 2013 Conference USA Champions

  1. C Kelly says:

    The Owls beat the thunder out of ’em! Hurray!

  2. Bill Johnson 57-58 says:

    The Class of ’57 is the only class to have TWO conference championships. 1953, freshman year and 1957 Senior year. Go Owls

    • Karl Benson says:

      Unfortunately, not so. The class that entered in the fall of 1953 graduated in the spring of 1957, before the fall 1957 championship.

    • Karl Benson says:

      BTW, the distinction you mention belongs to the class of 1950. The Owls were co-champions (with Arkansas) in 1946 and won the championship outright in 1949. The achievement of the latter team (the best in Rice history) was directly responsible for the building of Rice Stadium (but that’s a story for another day.)

  3. I was there in ’82 or ’83 when the Owls beat the Aggies at Rice Stadium and tore down a goalpost. I think the idea of blocking all the entrances is brilliant, although there are a lot more entrances now!

    • Grungy says:

      There have been only two victories over the Aggies during my time at Rice, and they were in ’73 (HRS) and ’80 (Kyle Field).
      The victory over Louisiana-Lafayette on 24 September 1983 is probably what you’re thinking of, as it was the first time the team had won since 14 November 1981.

    • James Medford says:

      Grungy is right. At the time they were called Southwestern Louisiana, and that Rice win snapped what at the time was the longest active losing streak (tied with Kent State, as I recall).

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