First Beer Bike, 1957

These turned up a little while ago in some materials from Baker College. You can see that at some point they were in color, but they’ve now faded out to an almost uniform violet. And miracle of miracles, they came with careful labels:

Baker beer bike 1957 1BBaker Beer bike 1957 1A

Hank Coors? That seems almost too good to be true. Here he is crossing the finish line:

Baker beer bike 1957 2B

Baker beer bike 1957 2A

And finally, this glorious image:

Baker beer bike 1957 3BBaker beer bike 1957 3A

Not only do they resemble the Baker College Master and his wife, they actually ARE the first Baker College Master and his wife, Carl and Mary Wischmeyer.

Bonus: Here’s a link to an on-line exhibit about the Woodson’s collection of historical science books, created by Super Intern Susan Kirby. Prepare to be amazed!

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  1. George Webb '88, '91 says:

    The fellow waving the “checkered” flag at the finish line really but his back into the effort!

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