“A 148-pound monument to guts and hard work,” 1956

This afternoon I was leafing through one of the enormous scrapbooks compiled by devoted alumni for many years, just waiting for something to catch my eye. Inevitably, something did: a fantastic Houston Post article from May, 1956 about loyal reader John Wolda.

Wolda 1

Wolda 2That’s pretty darned good stuff. I also managed to dig out of the R Association files this unlabeled picture that I think shows the 1956 baseball team. I know that’s Coach Del Morgan and the guy second from the left in the first row has to be John Wolda–look at those ears.

Baseball probably 1956 Wolda


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5 Responses to “A 148-pound monument to guts and hard work,” 1956

  1. Buddy Chuoke says:

    Great story about overachieving Rice baseball players in the ’50’s. Back then, and through the 1960’s through the 1980’s, Rice baseball was just content to be competitive in the conference. Now we expect to win and go deep into the playoffs ever year. A testament to the outstanding job Coach Graham has done during his tenure.

  2. Karl Benson '62 says:

    Baseball has come a long way at Rice. Notice that the player on the far right in the back row has on a different uniform. You would never see that today.

  3. Joe Durrenberger says:

    Great guys all. I am proud to have been in their class.
    Joe Durrenberger, 1956 Basketball

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