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Cohen House Chairs and Their Descendants

An exceptionally alert reader pointed out to me the chairs in this Cohen House photo from last week: I was so fixated on the palm tree that I didn’t even notice them. They are, she correctly points out, the ancestors … Continue reading

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Friday Afternoon Follies: Slimes, 1929

I can’t decide who has it the worst here, but the look on the face of the guy in the middle is just delicious:  

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The Great Flood of 1935 and the Struggle to Get a Paper Out on Deadline

Yesterday somewhere in the far reaches of the internet I came upon this remarkable piece of film. Several minutes long, it shows downtown Houston during and just after the great flood of December, 1935. It’s well worth your time. Also … Continue reading

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Even More Palms, Plus Why I Love My Job: Reason Number Two

Here’s the picture I had planned for today. They apparently were seriously committed to the palm tree look for Cohen House back in the day, as there was yet another one on the other side of the building, right in … Continue reading

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Continuing The Tropical Theme

In transit today, but here’s a small taste of Rice’s more tropical past—Cohen House, c 1930s: Bring back the palm trees! We can all sip rum punches in the garden.

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Life Imitates Seinfeld

I’m in New York and yesterday afternoon I accidentally got caught in the Puerto Rican Day Parade. Unlike the infamous Seinfeld episode the mayhem we saw was pretty minimal, really just high spirits. I did learn a new word, boricua, which from … Continue reading

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“Please Be Advised That All Gates Will Be Closed at 5:30”

I’ve heard people talk about this but always thought it had the ring of something apocryphal: I’m not sure I understand why this was necessary and I certainly don’t have any recollection of it happening in recent times. Bonus: Sightseeing … Continue reading

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What Do You Think They’re Looking At?

I’m on the road again for a while so posting might be a little thin. For today I have only  this single image to offer, but it’s a nice one: I can’t quite make out the year on the beanies … Continue reading

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Physical Plant Employee of the Month, February 1983

Agnes Mae Washington: Sadly, I don’t know what her job was. And that kid holding the plaque looks like Mr. Franco, doesn’t he? We could not fulfill the university’s mission without these people. I’m personally grateful for the assistance I … Continue reading

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Monday Morning Mystery Resolved

I’m in transit today so I don’t have too much to say, but I wanted to note that yesterday’s mystery box has been correctly identified. First, though, several people pointed out that I had flipped the second image so here’s … Continue reading

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