Bathing Beauty

Well, I can’t date this one by his outfit. I’m still guessing ’70s just based on the hair.

Sunbather nd 70s slide collection

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2 Responses to Bathing Beauty

  1. C Kelly says:

    I think there were similar photos in the ’69 Campanile. Not sure they used this one (without looking), but I recall other sunbathing photos.

  2. almadenmike says:

    I looked through the 1969 Campanile, and found only one sunbathing photo — different from the one Melissa posted — which I’ve copied to here:

    That edition gained national notoriety for its nude photos (one very small) of two of the Outstanding Seniors (,27580). But its large photos (nearly all black-and-white) still resonate (with me, at least) as a artistically innovative and powerful view of the year, if not a literal documentation. Co-editors Conrad Boeck and Gary Grether devoted 16 full pages to the Masterson Crisis, for example. What a delight to thumb through it again.

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